Strongly integrated with affiliates

The Dr. Födisch Umweltmesstechnik AG acts as parent company together with our subsidiaries, affiliates and investments within a strong network – the Dr. Födisch Group. The concern was founded in the year 2000 when shares at Fanalmatic GmbH and Peter Nitschke GmbH had been acquired and expanded successively. The evolving cooperation and close integration offers us the possibility to develop own project ideas as well as to realise strategies for internationalization cross-industry-wise.

We regard ourselves as stimulator for environmental solutions especially in the field of air and water as well as in the automation technology sector. We implement pioneering projects e.g. in the Chinese market. Thereby we act in anticipatory way and respond individually on requirements of markets and customers. Despite all entrepreneurship we keep an eye on the most important issue: the environment.


Dr. Foedisch Instruments (Hangzhou) Co. Ltd.

The subsidiary of Dr. Födisch Umweltmesstechnik AG offers as partner in China the following services:

- Assembly, maintenance and service at measuring devices and systems for
  emission and process monitoring

- Spare parts business

- Instrument sales for new and small / medium-sized customers

Dr. Foedisch Instruments (Hangzhou) Co. Ltd.

Room 18K, Zhongtian Mansion,

No.173 Yugu Road

Hangzhou, P.C.310012

P.R. China

TESTA GmbH Analytische Meßsysteme (Munich, Germany)

Testa develops and manufactures flame ionization detectors (FID) measurement technologies. The FID measuring devices and analysis systems manufactured in Munich (Germany) are used worldwide for emission measurement in combustion plants, for process analysis in oil and gas industry as well as chemical industry. The product portfolio includes QAL-1 certified FID measurement technology for stationary and mobile use. Testa supports customers with maintenance/services.

TESTA GmbH Analytische Meßsysteme

Kathi-Kobus-Str. 15

80797 Munich


Fon: +49 89 129 30 05

Fax: +49 89 129 88 35

EP Ehrler Prüftechnik Engineering GmbH

EP Ehrler Prüftechnik Engineering GmbH is nationwide leading soluitions provider for flow, pressure and leakage tests as well as gas measuring technology.

Part of the portfolio are:

- test systems for flow, leakage, pressure and temperature

- measuring and calibration sytems for flow (air, gases, fluids)

- calibration and service

- software solutions

EP Ehrler Prüftechnik Engineering GmbH

Wilhelm-Hachtel-Str. 8 

97996 Niederstetten


Fanalmatic - Gesellschaft für Umwelttechnik und Industrieautomation mbH

The company’s wide range for planning and engineering, assembly, commissioning and service for electrical plants, automation and monitoring systems combined with the necessary industry know how guarantees future-proof solutions in the field of:

- Environmental technology

- Water management

- Clean room technology

- Industrial automation

Fanalmatic - Gesellschaft für Umwelttechnik und Industrieautomation mbH

Cösitzer Weg 2

06369 Weißandt-Gölzau


Peter Nitschke Service und Dosieranlagentechnik GmbH

The company offers numerous methods for treatment of tap water, waste water, process water and bath water not only for new plants but also for reconstruction and optimization of existing facilities.

They offer the following scope of supply:

- Fuel depots according to WHG §19

- Dosing systems for liquid chemicals

- Gas dosing and alarm systems

- Storage, treatment and dosing of powdery substances and granulates

- Instrumentation, control and evaluation for tap, process and waste water

Peter Nitschke Service und Dosieranlagentechnik GmbH

Zwenkauer Straße 159

04420 Markranstädt



CEM Solutions (UK) Ltd.

CEM Solutions (UK) Ltd, based in Darley Dale (Derbyshire, UK), provides products and services covering all aspects of emissions monitoring and process control. CEM Solutions helps its customers to meet the regulatory requirements for emissions monitoring and provides technical advice to assist in liaising with the permitting authorities. Founded in 2012, the company offers emission and process measurement systems for the continuous monitoring of gaseous emissions as well as for the determination of dust concentrations and volume flows. The portfolio also includes comprehensive services (e.g. maintenance contracts).

CEM Solutions (UK) Ltd. 

10 Stancliffe House

Molyneux Business Park

Darley Dale, DE4 2HJ

United Kingdom

Dr. Födisch Umweltmesstechnik AG

Zwenkauer Strasse 159

04420 Markranstädt


Phone:     +49 34205 755-0

Fax:          +49 34205 755-40