Immission measurement

Our portfolio includes devices for monitoring the air quality at outdoor areas, in buildings and at workshops.

The measuring devices have been developed for year-round use indoors as well as outdoors. They are factory-calibrated under the highest quality requirements.

The suitability for monitoring nitrogen dioxide in the outside air and at the workplace has been proven with comparative measurements in the field at a certified air quality measuring station by third parties (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology).

Gas Sensor Device GSD 19

  • measuring range NO2: 0...1 ppm / 0...2052 μg/m³; optional 0...2 ppm /0...4100 μg/m³ (workplace monitoring)
  • electrochemical measuring principle
  • active suction
  • automatic zero point setting
  • cross linking of several GSD 19 as well as in combination with sensors of the FDS series (particulate matter)
  • network-compatible, WLAN
  • Modbus interface for measuring value output and device setting
  • applicable as add-on to particulate matter sensors of FDS type

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