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Cold-dry gas analysis

Multi gas analyser MGA 20

  • measurement of up to 8 gas components in flue gas and for process control 
  • automatic zero point setting by means of ambient air
  • Filtercal technology for reference point adjustment; without gas consumption
  • QAL1 certification according DIN EN 15267-1 (2009), DIN EN 15267-2 (2009), DIN EN 15267-3 (2008) in progress

Dust concentration

Dust concentration measuring device OPM 19 ED

  • extractive measurement in wet and sticky exhaust gases
  • optical scattered light measurement
  • measuring gas is sampled by a temperature regulated probe
  • measuring range: dust (in operation) 0...7.5 mg/m³ (max. 250 mg/m³)

Dust concentration measuring device PFM 20

  • tribo-electric in-situ dust monitor certified by TUV according to EN 15859:2010
  • lowest certificated range 0 - 7.5 mg/m³ dust, max. measuring range 0...250 mg/m³ dust (special range 0...1,000 mg/m³ dust on request)
  • for installations requiring a permit (13th BImSchV, 17th BImSchV, 30th BImSchV, 44th BImSchV, TA Luft) as well as at installations according to the 27th BImSchV
  • automatic zero and reference point check

Filter monitoring

Filter Monitor PFM 20 F

  • continuous, tribo-electric in-situ measurement
  • qualitative monitoring of filtering dust precipitators
  • compact filter monitor with integrated operating element (connection for separate display/operating unit, display/operating unit optional)
  • different configurations for power supply

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