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Flame ionization detectors (FID)

The FID 22 m NMHC  (mobile variant in a portable case) and FID 22 NMHC  (rack variant) analyser is used for continuous monitoring of the content of hydrocarbons (THC)/ Total Organic Carbon (TOC), Methane (CH4) and Non-Methane Hydrocarbons (NMHC) in gases from industrial plants (emissions) or environments (immissions). 

The sample gas is extracted at the measuring point and passed through the analyser (extractive measurement). 

A flame ionization detector (FID) is used to measure the hydrocarbons (THC). A second sample stream is fed with sample gas via a catalyst and the methane concentration is calculated (CH4). The NMHC value is calculated from these two concentration values.



  • complies with EN 12619 and EN 13526 standards for emission monitoring
  • real dual chamber
  • standard heating temperature about 190 °C, optional up to 300 °C
  • Oxygen cross-sensitivity < 2 %
  • Hydrogen consumption (fuel) about 70 ml/min
  • combustion air via internal catalytic converter
  • automatic combustion air switch-off
  • user-friendly 7" touch display and software
  • graphic display of THC, CH4 and NMHC concentration at once
  • flow measurement and pressure compensation function integrated
  • single range - no switch between ranges
  • internal datalogging and USB drive flash
  • TCP/IP interface for easy datatransfer
  • remote control function via Virtual Network Computing (software: FID 22 Master)