Emission measurement

Industrial plants requiring approval are subject to strict requirements for compliance of emissions limit values. For monitoring it is only allowed to use measuring devices approved by the Federal Environment Agency. The approval requirements are defined in EN 15267. The number of measured components depends on the plant type, but also on the used fuel.

The determination of the gaseous components takes place after the extractive method of measurement. Therefore a partial gas stream is withdrawn from the exhaust gas stack and led via gas sampling probe to the analyser cabinet.

Multi gas analyser MGA 20

  • measurement of up to 8 gas components in flue gas and for process control 
  • automatic zero point setting by means of ambient air
  • Filtercal technology for reference point adjustment; without gas consumption
  • QAL1 certification according DIN EN 15267-1 (2009), DIN EN 15267-2 (2009), DIN EN 15267-3 (2008) in progress

Multi gas analyser MGA 12

  • multi gas analyser for extractive gas component measurement
  • cold-dry gas analysis
  • QAL 1 & MCERTS according to EN 15267-3 and metrological pattern approval in Russia
  • approved for installations according to IED
  • max. 5 components
  • compensation for temperature, pressure and water cross-sensitivities
  • easy maintenance

Multi component analyser MCA 10

  • extractive multicomponent analysis system
  • hot-wet gas analysis
  • QAL 1 & MCERTS according to EN 15267-3
  • approved for installations according to IED
  • max. 11 infrared components as well as oxygen

Multi component analyser system MCA 10 maritime

  • compact and robust measuring system with easy operating
  • appropriate for measurement preliminary and subsequent to exhaust treatment systems on ships
  • measurement of up to 8 infrared components and oxygen
  • internal measuring point switch‑over possible
  • correction of cross-sensitivity and air pressure
  • low-maintenance technology with high measuring accuracy
  • long-term stability by automatic zero point calibration
  • automatic reference point calibration by adjusting filter (optional)
  • low-maintenance fan instead of air conditioner
  • remote control (optional) via Ethernet or UMTS router

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