Process measurement

All Dr. Födisch Umweltmesstechnik AG emission measuring devices or systems can in principle also be used for various process applications. Furthermore devices for special requirements and applications are designed by Dr. Födisch technical-team.


Typical applications are:

  • Delta CO (carbon monoxide) measurements for monitoring smouldering fire,  e. g. in coal mills, coal silos or baghouse filters
  • Delta NO (nitric oxide) measurements for denitrification plants control 
  • NH3 (ammonia) latency measurements at SCR / SNCR systems
  • HCl (hydrogen chloride)- and SO2 (sulphur dioxide) measurements in the raw gas for the flue gas cleaning systems / desulphurisation plants control 
  • O2 (oxygen) measurement for monitoring inerting systems in chemical and pharmaceutical industries

Extractive solutions are in particular suitable and used. Thereby sensitive measurement technology is not directly exposed to the often harsh exhaust conditions. By modifying the sample extraction even the most difficult applications (high temperatures, very high dust content, corrosion) can be solved.


UV Analyser UVA 17

  • spectrometer-based gas measuring system for extractive, continuous process and emission measurement
  • measurement in the range of ultraviolet radiation
  • modular design with optical bench
  • no gas conditioning, no gas cooler necessary
  • low-maintenance measuring gas conveyance by injector
  • user-friendly touch display

Multi gas analyser MGA 12 EX

  • simultaneous measurement of up to 5 gas components
  • approved for Ex II 2G Ex d IIB+H2 T5 Gb
  • pressure-resistant gas path up to 3 bar
  • reduced cross-sensitivities by internal spectral filter
  • integrated zero gas valve for zero point correction

Oxygen measuring device OMD 14

  • measuring the concentration of the free oxygen in flue gas and process gases
  • zirconium dioxide cell
  • integrated graphics display for easy operation 
  • simple manual calibration with test gases in separate adjustment device

Odour measuring device SGA 16

  • selective detection of odour patterns
  • continuous measurement of  CO2, CH4 as well as CxHy by infrared absorption
  • odour sensor using virtual gas sensor array
  • minimization of external influences  (for example different saturation effects, cross-sensitivities to water vapour)

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