Tracing particulate matter

The air is the elixir of life. However, the air contains impurities, whose composition and concentration vary depending on the location. Various researches have shown that the fine dust particles in the air are damaging to the heart, lungs and brain. For measurement is often used  complex and expensive measurement technology. Thanks to the compact fine dust sensors of Dr. Födisch Umweltmesstechnik AG this is now history. These are a low cost measuring devices for industrial applications.

Whether the application is for outdoor, indoor, stationary or mobile – the device handling is easy, the measurements are precise and independent from the weather conditions. By means of preconditioned air the particulate matter content of the air is measured every two seconds. By WLAN, the the devices can be linked to other air quality / climate sensors to achieve an efficient, meaningful environmental monitoring. There are many benefiting advantages, for example the analysis of ambient air for particulate matters at workplaces.

Fine dust sensor FDS 15

  • optical sensor for continuous measurement and monitoring of fine dust concentrations (PM10, PM2.5)
  • smart, robust, network-capable
  • simple unit design
  • installation without any special tools

Fine dust sensor FDS 17

  • optical sensor for continuous, simultaneous measurement and control of fine dust contents PM10/TSP and PM2,5
  • patented zero point control by electrostatic precipitator
  • smart, robust, network-capable
  • simple unit design
  • installation without any special tools

Fine dust sensor FDS 17 m

  • simultaneous real-time measurement of PM10 & PM2.5 
  • based on optical sensor, active suction & patented electrostatic precipitator for zero point setting
  • flexible use - indoors & outdoors -
  • portable case with offline power supply by power bank
  • including data logger for storage of measuring values

Fine dust sensor FDS 18

  • real-time measurement of PM2,5 
  • Monitoring of fine dust concentrations in ambient air and/or at workplaces 
  • optical sensor including fitting with clip system, therefore easily exchangeable
  • active and automatic zero point setting
  • active air suction
  • Integrated pre-separator for particles > 2,5 µm
  • noiseless operation
  • network-compatible

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