Cold-dry gas analysis

Cold-dry measurement is – same like hot-wet measurement – based on the extractive working principle. A partial flow of gaseous components is withdrawn by a sampling probe and sampling pipe and led to the analysis cabinet. A gas conditioning inside the cabinet cools the sample gas to 5 °C. Then up to five components are measured in parallel – a real added value for you.

For the detection of smells i.e. metal oxide sensors are applied.

For different customer requirements we use the most efficient method each. Of course, we are able to offer certified equipment as well. In any case we have a solution for your application. Test it!

Multi gas analyser MGA 20

  • measurement of up to 8 gas components in flue gas and for process control 
  • automatic zero point setting by means of ambient air
  • Filtercal technology for reference point adjustment; without gas consumption
  • QAL1 certification according DIN EN 15267-1 (2009), DIN EN 15267-2 (2009), DIN EN 15267-3 (2008) in progress

Multi gas analyser MGA 12

  • multi gas analyser for extractive gas component measurement
  • cold-dry gas analysis
  • QAL 1 & MCERTS according to EN 15267-3 and metrological pattern approval in Russia
  • approved for installations according to IED
  • max. 5 components
  • compensation for temperature, pressure and water cross-sensitivities
  • easy maintenance

Multi gas analyser MGA 12 Ex

  • simultaneous measurement of up to 5 gas components
  • approved for Ex II 2G Ex d IIB+H2 T5 Gb
  • pressure-resistant gas path up to 3 bar
  • reduced cross-sensitivities by internal spectral filter
  • integrated zero gas valve for zero point correction

UV Analyser UVA 17 CD

  • analyser module in 19" housing
  • for continuous measurement of e.g. NO, NO2, SO2 and O2
  • (further components like CH2O, H2S, Clon request)
  • modern UV spectrometer (180-400 nm)
  • O2 measurement based on electrochemical cell
  • integrated measuring gas pump
  • touch display, app-based menu & remote access
  • extension of measuring components without additional hardware possible

Your needs – Our system

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