System accessories of MGA 12

In order to complete the portfolio it is possible to purchase system-relevant components.

That allows system integration companies to assemble systems locally while keeping the compliance with QAL 1 certification at the same time.

Heated sample probe HSP 12

  • extractive gas sampling
  • probe with isolation and outlet filter
  • self-regulating by heating elements
  • under temperature alarm
  • low maintenance costs
  • optional back-purging

Measuring gas pump MGP 12

  • bellow pump for gas conveyance
  • compact design with motor and integrated fan
  • applicable in heavily polluted ambience
  • low-noise operation
  • low maintenance costs

Peltier gas cooling unit GCU 16

  • conditioning of measuring gas for protection of the subsequent analysis device
  • decreasing of water content in the measuring gas to a constant, lower dew-point → precipitation of water
  • designed for the requirements in automated measuring systems (AMS) according to EN 15267-3
  • heat exchangers made of glass or PVDF
  • display of current cooling block temperature
  • nominal value of cooling block temperature and alarm limits adjustable
  • low-noise operation
  • low maintenance costs

Your needs – Our system

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