Odour measurement

Smells are only perceptible in subjective way and can be hardly quantified. Especially in locations with high building density these smells are regarded as annoyance. Upon making food or other productions smells can arise from various processes. In order to measure smells complex gas sampling equipment and elaborate evaluation software are required.

The smell analyser of the Dr. Födisch Umweltmesstechnik AG can be used for continuous monitoring of odour emissions in order to identify early potentially bad smells for the neighbourhood and thereby to ensure an environmentally-friendly plant operation. The measuring system detects the composition respectively the pattern of smells.

Odour measuring device SGA 16

  • selective detection of odour patterns
  • continuous measurement of  CO2, CH4 as well as CxHy by infrared absorption
  • odour sensor using virtual gas sensor array
  • minimization of external influences  (for example different saturation effects, cross-sensitivities to water vapour)

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