Our pilot plant

Dust channel

Since 1998 Dr. Födisch Umweltmesstechnik AG has been operating a pilot plant with a dust channel offering the possibility, due to the structural conditions and installed devices, to produce dust contents in the range of 0.1...10000 mg/m³ and gas speeds of 1...45 m/s. This means that this system is ideally suited to simulate a wide variety of operating conditions, so that impact factors on measuring principles and devices can be tested (especially in the field of dust measuring technology) and its own devices can be pre-calibrated.

Gas analytics laboratory

The test facility is equipped with comprehensive measurement techniques in order to determine the properties of substances, to calibrate measuring systems and to investigate basics in photometry and FTIR spectroscopy. Due to the expansion by systems simulating complex gas matrixes this infrastructure can cover completely all processes in the development of gas analysers.

Energy Centre

Sophisticated ideas and concepts for efficient power and heat generation were realised in the energy hall a.o. that arose from an old brownfield. A steel construction with optimum roof pitch allowed the installation of photovoltaics with 136 kWp thin film modules.

The heating system is the heart of the hall. It includes a micro gas turbine of type C 50. It covers the basic load for power and heat of the whole premises. On demand a smaller turbine of type C 30 installed in the main building can be switched on. At the same time these micro gas turbines serve the R&D department for practical tests of most diverse measuring devices and analysers in the exhaust gas under very realistic conditions. In the energy hall is also the wood chips combustion with storage area. In case of cold winters the wood chips boiler starts running and provides additional thermal capacities.

Additional photovoltaic elements installed on the roof of the "old water tower" with capacity of totally 30 kWp as well as two solar trackers at the entrance of the premises with totally 22.5 kWp ensure the company’s own energy supply.

Current research topics

Always one step ahead with new ideas and concepts on measurement techniques. Upon realisation of visions scientists and practitioners cooperate across departments. Test samples and processes can be implemented in optimum way due to the company-own technical infrastructure.

We put highest priority at tightly-focused encouragement of our development competences and regard it as our competitive advantage.

Therefore we build up our own talents from internal but also external sources steadily. So just have a look at our career options.

Fresh ideas combined with excellent competences are the engine for innovations and new research projects. They are partly supported by national, public or even international funding agencies being realised as cooperation or single project.